Monday, July 17, 2017

Shift Happens

I’m life coach and success catalyst Peter Winslow. I recently heard from a client who related this small bit of tall wisdom:

"Understanding who we are is so confusing. I learn many lessons each day and I’ve read many books about finding myself… yet I still feel lost. My heart wants to love and to give, but it can be really scary."

Sentiments like hers are messages straight from the heart. Can you relate?

It’s difficult to know “who we are” when who we think we are gets in the way. This “who we think we are” business is called ego, or the conceptual self. Its main purpose is to protect us from harm and embarrassment, and it does so by preventing change of any kind from happening in our lives.

The way to break through all that is to stop relying solely on your cognitive mind, and learn to trust your heart. This requires a small shift in your awareness.

Opportunities for small shifts loom everywhere. Some are clearly marked; others are hidden and challenging to understand. Sometimes you’re up for the challenge; sometimes you fear it. Your job is to trust that behind your emotional uncertainty is a heart of unerring wisdom. Your primary mission is to move in the direction that feels best to you. Move upward, forward or sideways, but move! Now you’re headed in a positive direction no matter where it takes you.

Next time we’ll discuss the vital principles that can make it all flow smoothly.
 –Peter Winslow

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