Friday, January 27, 2017

Three Helpful Steps for Developing Wealth Consciousness

As a life coach, Peter Winslow is known for driving results. Peter Winslow helps individuals remove the obstacles blocking them from their goals and gain better perspectives on their lives. One of the topics that he sometimes addresses is wealth consciousness. Because modern life often has people in survival mode, they tend to develop a poverty consciousness that is focused on living in scarcity. By developing a wealth consciousness, they can begin to live in abundance.

The first step in developing a wealth consciousness is to let go of the past stories that we use to convince ourselves we are not worthy of abundance. By letting go of the past, individuals become more aware of the present and the fact that they have a birthright to abundance.

Secondly, individuals need to take responsibility for their finances. Too often, people assume that they have money in their account without actually tracking its ebbs and flows. Knowledge is power and individuals begin to feel empowered when they take charge of their financial lives.

Thirdly, people should work on the relationships they have with their future selves. Individuals can imagine their future selves, who have already developed a wealth consciousness, and have a conversation with that person as motivation to keep working toward goals. Over time, we start to become those future selves we imagined.